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During the project period DEF has allocated grants for projects within the following areas:

IT upgrading
Last round of applications took place in December 2001 and the final decisions are expected to be made ultimo February 2002.

The DEF Steering Committee has selected a number of concrete digitisation projects to be carried out in 2002. During the selection process the Steering Committee has realised that the need for digitisation is still very great and consequently there is also a definite need for the development of guidelines for prioritisations and policies within this area. The preparation of these will continue in 2002.

The current retro-conversion of 14 research libraries’ card catalogues started in 2000 and 2001 and is still going on.

User-operated projects
In spring 2002 DEF promised financial support to 10 major and smaller development projects in which the users, i.e. researchers and students, are the main players. These co-called User-operated projects vary a great deal as to level of ambition and character. Common to all the projects is however that DEF users will gain considerably in proportion to the means which DEF provides.

Other projects
20 DEF development projects are running at the moment. Amongst others they include: test of systems, link collections, user instruction, user surveys/user satisfaction, digitisation, technology-supported teaching (e-learning) and web archiving.

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