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2.4 Organisation

The following model (in Danish) illustrates the present organisation structure in DEF: "DEF organisation og arbejdsgrupper september 2002"

The overall management of the DEF project is conducted by The Inter-ministerial Coordination Committe consisting of members from The Ministry of Culture and The Ministry of Science, Technology and Development. The coordination committee has the overall decision-making authority for the project as a whole. The committee makes the overall decisions concerning the project’s overall strategy and development plan, as well as the budgetary frames including the budget for the individual activity areas:

The Coordination Committee consists of the following members:

Ministry of Culture:
Head of department Steen Kyed (chairman)
Head of division Niels-Jørgen Nielsen
Head of section Anne Mette Risager

Ministry of Science, Technology and Development:
Director Dan Jensen
Head of division Merete Reuss
Special adviser Mogens Berg
Head of section Jan Windmüller

Chairman of DEF Steering Committee:
Deputy director, IBM Denmark A/S Kim Østrup

Participants from the DEF Secretariat:
Director of Danish National Library Authority Jens Thorhauge
Deputy director of Danish National Library Authority Bo Öhrström
Head of secretariat Jakob Heide Petersen
Library advisory officer Hanne Marie Kværndrup

Steering Committee
On the 10. of March 2003 the Coordination Committee appointed a new steering committee for Denmark’s Electronic Research Library.

Members of the Steering Committee are:
Deputy director Kim Østrup, IBM Denmark A/S (chairman)
Deputy director Bo Öhrström, Danish National Library Authority (project responsible)

Deputy director Gert Bechlund, Copenhagen Business School
Chief librarian Niels-Henrik Gylstorff, Aalborg University Library
Chief librarian Karen Grundvad Kvist, The Administrative Library
Director Erland Kolding Nielsen, The Royal Library
Director Jens Thorhauge, Danish National Library Authority

Participating from the DEF secretariat:
Library advisory officer Hanne Marie Kværndrup, Danish National Library Authority
Head of secretariat Jakob Heide Petersen, Danish National Library Authority

The secretariat and the daily project management for DEF are placed in the Danish National Library Authority. Deputy director at DNLA is Bo Öhrström who has the overall responsibility for the practical establishment and carrying into effect of the project.

The secretariat also serves the Steering Committee and the Coordination Committee. The DEF secretariat and individual advisers can be reached at:

Danish National Library Authority
DEF secretariat
Nyhavn 31 E
DK-1051 Copenhagen K

Phone: (45) 33 73 33 73
Fax: (45) 33 73 33 72

Project responsible:
Deputy director Bo Öhrström

Project administration:
Head of secretariat Jakob Heide Petersen

Project adviser, digitisation, retro-conversion, electronic publishing:
Library advisory officer Hanne Marie Kværndrup – portal editors:
Library advisory officer Tanja Maj Jakobsen
Library advisory officer Morten Andersen

Project secretary:
Senior assistant Lotte Pantawapirom

DEF licenses:
Project adviser Anette Schneider
Project adviser Ulla Kvist

Legal matters:
Legal specialist adviser Henriette Fenger Grønfeldt

Information and web
Communication adviser Anna Christine Rasch 

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