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About DEF

Originally the DEF project is the result of a co-operative initiative by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Education. After moving the university ’column’ away from the Ministry of Education, the project is now a co-operation between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development and the Ministry of Culture.

To download power point presentation about DEF 1998-2003, click here.

The project stems from the previous government’s IT-political action plan The Information Society for all – the Danish model from 1996. Following a specialist survey in 1996 which established the foundation for the project, the first initiatives were launched in 1997. With the national budget for 1998 the project became a reality with a budget of 200 mil. DKK distributed over the period 1998-2002.

The main objective of the project is to support Danish research and education by strengthening the development of the Danish research libraries and creating a coherent and simple access to the information resources of these libraries.

The objectives is to be realised through an upgrading of the IT systems of the research libraries so that these can become part of a common information structure for research and education.

Apart from this the DEF aims to make a grater number of information resources available via the Internet by giving financial support to the conversion of printed catalogues, extension of the Danish Research Database and the purchase of electronic journals and databases.

DEF also supports development projects in the research libraries with a view to offering researchers and educators better possibilities for gaining access to and exploiting the information resources.

Finally, the research libraries within DEF work together on the establishment of a common access to the libraries’ resources in the portal

You can download leaflets and fact sheets about DEF from the links below. For printed versions, please contact the secretariat on

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