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Concept & strategy

On the basis on the vision for Denmark’s Electronic Research Library, the DEF steering committee has prepared a Concept and a Strategy for the project.

Concept, strategy and Action plan are currently adjusted during the project period on the basis of experiences, dialogue with research libraries and new technical development trends. An important goal for the strategy is the Success criteria for user service in the portal These success criteria will likewise be adjusted as the project develops.

The vision is to establish Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEF) as a network of electronic libraries by using the most modern information technology. The information resources should be made available to researchers, students, business, libraries and other users in a coherent and simple way.

The network of research libraries should form a virtual system which transcends the frames of regional/local libraries and makes available the libraries’ collective information resources (digital and traditional) to users all over the country in a simple, transparent way within the given legal and financial framework.

The establishment of Denmark’s Electronic Research Library is based on existing technical possibilities. DEF means to realise an effective national information supply which makes available those resources which are already accumulated in the Danish research libraries while also opening up for other information centres to be included as a natural part of the virtual information system.

Coherence is to be ensured through the compliance with standards – for communication, for search support, for subject indexing and for document description and representation.

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