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The DEF strategy is about establishing a common user interface, a common user administration system and a common level of net-services. In the phase of development the network of libraries can be contacted through the DEF secretariat at
31 research libraries are involved the DEF-portal collaboration, of this the 12 large libraries and 19 of the smaller and medium sized libraries.

55 research libraries have had their library systems upgraded via DEF according to technical DEF-standards.

105 research libraries and institutions participate in the license-collaboration.

14 research libraries participate in the collaboration of retro-converting app. 2.5. mil. Catalogue cards for a total of app. 20 mio.

Other DEF-projects
20 research libraries participate in the 16 DEF-development projects that e.g. includes user education, competence development, user studies/-satisfaction, digitisation, e learning and web-archiving.

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