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Vacancies at the Knowledge Exchange Office, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dato: 06-04-2005

International news

A Programme Director and a Programme Manager for the Knowledge Exchange Office, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) is an exciting and challenging collaboration between:

  • JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), United Kingdom
  • SURF (SURF Foundation), The Netherlands
  • DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), Germany
  • DEF (Denmark's Electronic Research Library), Denmark

The main aim of the Knowledge Exchange is to develop closer working relationships between the key national agencies and bodies within Europe that are responsible for the development of infrastructure and services to support the use of ICT within tertiary education and research. The Knowledge Exchange Office will be located in Copenhagen.

The Roles
The Programme Director 
will be an experienced professional in the application of technology to teaching, research and information resources. They will have been involved in setting strategy and policy, preferably at a national or European level. They will be responsible for leading the collaboration and devising the strategy to deliver the anticipated benefits. Salary will be in the region of Euro 65,000 plus a generous non-contributory pension allowance.

The Programme Manager have several year's experience in programme or project management in the development of technologies to support education and research. They will deputise for the Director and manage much of the delivery of its outputs. This is an opportunity for an ambitious professional to become involved in a major european initiative. Salary will be in the region of Euro 55,000 plus a generous non-contributory pension allowance.

For further details and background material, please see the Danish National Library Authority's homepage

Further information about the jobs can be obtained from:

Applications marked KEO-1 (Director) or KEO-2 (Manager) must be received in the Danish National Library Authority on the 13th May 2005 before 12 a.m. at the


Danish National Library Authority
Nyhavn 31 E
1051 Copenhagen K

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Knowledge Exchange Office
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