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Dato: 13-01-2004

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There is now national access to the comprehensive medical library Cochrane for all citizens in Denmark. The agreement on national access to the Cochrane library runs for a preliminary period of three years and is the result of a cooperation between Denmark's Electronic Research Library, the Association of County Councils in Denmark and Knowledge and Research Centre for Alternative Treatment.

The Cochrane library is published in English and contains more than 1,800 medical summary articles. Here you can find information about beneficial and harmful effects from various treatments and about preventive measures by the health authorities.

The Cochrane cooperation is an independent network consisting of over 10,000 doctors, researchers, patients and other interested parties. The aim is to collect, critically estimate, summarise and mediate reliable information on effects from treatment and prevention.

All citizens in Denmark can gain access to the Cochrane library from the common public health portal, from Denmark's Electronic Research Library,, from Knowledge and Research Centre for Alternative Treatment, and from the Nordic Cochrane Center,

For further information, please contact:
Anette Schneider,

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