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Broad access to Danish research

Broad access to Danish research

Re-launching of
The Danish Research Database was re-launched on 28. May 2002 on the above web address. The Research Database has got some extra search functions, and the research institutions have got some new facilities for putting information into the database. The database is easier to use and has extended its coverage.

The re-launching is the result of a development project within the framework of Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEF). The Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark has been in charge of technical developments in close co-operation with the information department at Risø National Laboratory who has had the overall responsibility for the project.

Behind the initiative are the Ministry for Knowledge, Technology and Development and the Ministry of Culture. The ministries put the focus on effective and systematic exposition of research results and are therefore very determined that the research database should be easy to use, and that all research institutions make information available to the database. This goal seems to be within reach with the further development of the Danish Research Database.

Therefore a Danish research database
The purpose of the Danish Research Database is to give broad access to and provide extensive information on Danish research, whatever the subject and place of research. must provide an overview of ongoing research within different subject areas – a knowledge which can be exploited directly both within research environments, industry and public research planning, for example by

  • finding local expertise within a subject area
  • obtain background information in relation to research political negotiations and prioritisations at all levels
  • get acquainted with the activities of a research institution
  • find out about projects under a certain research programme
  • verify literature within a certain subject, by a certain person or from a certain institute.

Using the database is free, and libraries and research environments are encouraged to link to, thereby helping to promote Danish research nationally and internationally.

All Danish research institutions can join
Danish universities, institutions of higher education, sector research institutions, research councils and other public institutions carrying out research are all potential data suppliers to the Danish Research Database, and the research database is based on information received from such institutions in electronic form.

The research information may be information on publications (articles in periodicals, book/chapters of books, conference contributions etc., with a link to an electronic edition when this is available), descriptions of research projects and /or professional profiles of the institution and its staff.

Many are already participating in the co-operation, including the universities in Copenhagen, Århus, Aalborg and Roskilde, the six national research councils, Danish Energy Agency, National Environmental Research Institute and Risø National Laboratory. Most recently, the Technical University of Denmark has provided the database with research information. In the case of some data suppliers, the associated research libraries play an active role in collecting and registering of information.

Many more are on there way at the moment, for example the University of Education and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University who will be using the new web-based input module and Z39.50 respectively for joint search with local research database.

For further information please contact project management for the Danish Research Database at 

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