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The success criterion is that DEF ensures that all DEF libraries reach a uniform technological level which creates consistency between the systems so that technical interfaces are adhered to, technical standards are observed and common technological tools such as portal-toolkit are applied.


In order to optimise user access to the libraries’ resources, the DEF project and the DEF libraries/the information institutions must together ensure an optimal exploitation of the:

  • financial resources
  • technical resources and competencies
  • technical standards and interfaces
  • common system facilities and competencies
  • common electronic information resources.

As regards technology, DEF considers it important to guarantee an IT level as uniform as possible in the DEF libraries/information institutions, as well as ensure the continued technical management and further development in the DEF co-operation also beyond 2002. Specifications for technical standards and exchange formats for participation in DEF have therefore been prepared. In order to enable the libraries/institutions to meet these demands, DEF provides grants for new system solutions or upgrading of existing library systems as well as conversion of existing data to a new system.

Through its grants policy DEF wishes for all libraries in research institutions and institutions of higher education

  1. to contribute to the establishment of further library system co-operations – both professional and institutional.
  2. through the library system co-operation to strengthen professional inter-institutional co-operations on the building of subject gateways
  3. to strengthen the libraries’ co-operative role with the mother institutions in connection with electronic (research) publishing
  4. to ensure an up-to-date technical level of the institutions’ library systems i.a. with Z39.50 system modules and servers
  5. to ensure extended electronic dissemination of the DEF portal and DEF’s electronic services.

This grant policy underlines the necessity for inter-institutional co-operations on purchasing and running of the libraries’/information institutions’ IT systems.

The aim is to develop new forms and methods of co-operation which are essential for the research libraries to appear as a virtual DEF organisation.

The virtual library will i.a. require:

  • change from institutional thinking to subject area thinking
  • establishment of new co-operation structures in virtual subject consortia across institutions boundaries, sizes and geography
  • development of new co-operation models including development of common service functions, lending routes and regulations, economy (inter-institutional financing models), wholesale societies, resource sharing, development of common DEF service products etc.
  • implement educational concept for competence development of staff
  • introduce knowledge sharing within the DEF framework (mediate and reuse products, knowledge, competencies within DEF)
  • develop educational concept for users.
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