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Udgiver: DEF-sekretariatet
Udgivelsesdato: 22/06/2001


Proceedings from the conference: "Preserving the Present for the Future - Strategies for the Internet",
The Royal Library, Copenhagen 18th -19th of June 2001

Publikationen kan hentes her:

Director, Bo Öhrström, Denmark's Electronic Research Library (Deputy Director, Danish National Library Authority)

Cyberculture, Management of Online Dynamic Cultural Assets and Ethnohistory (word, pdf)
Director, Seamus Ross, The Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow

Internet - a Cultural Heritage of Our Time
Director, Niels Ole Finnemann, Centre for Internet Research

The Importance of Preserving the Dynamic Aspects of the Internet
Associate Professor, Niels Brügger, Centre for Internet Research

Which Knowledge Will Be Lost? New Preservation Strategies for the Cultural Heritage of the Post-industrial Societies (pdf, power point)
WebEditor, Jørgen Burchardt

Digital Design History - A Style History of the Development of Graphic Design on the Internet
Amanuensis, Ph.D.-student, Ida Engholm, IT University of Copenhagen

The History of Media Archives - Lessons to Learn?
Head of Media Department, Eva Fønss-Jørgensen, State and University Library, Århus

Nordic Web Archive
Project leader, Sverre Bang, National Library of Norway, Mo i Rana

Legal Aspects of Archives and Access
Martin von Haller Grønbæk, Solicitor, von haller lawfirm

Kulturarw3 – "Traditional" Web-harvesting
Project leader, Allan Arvidsson, The Royal Library, Stockholm

Pandora – Selective Web-harvesting (word, power point)
Assistant Director-General of IT, Warwick Cathro, National Library of Australia

Danish Legal Deposit: Experience & the Need for Adjustments (word, power point)
Head of Web Department, Birgit Henriksen, The Royal Library, Copenhagen

Archiving Experience, not data (power point, pdf)
Head of IT R&D, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard, State and University Library, Århus

Closing Remarks
Director, Erland Kolding Nielsen, The Royal Library, Copenhagen

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